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Welcome to my Website – my name is Maui Sunset and I welcome you to the most unique Roulette website in the internet.  I own this website and am responsible for everything here.

This is a FREE website and chatroom and I don’t sell anything.  No one is allowed to sell anything either. 90% of this website can be viewed without registering and becoming a member but if you want to ask a question or make a statement you must register; which is free. There will be various membership levels which cost nothing except you must bring something to this website in the form of participation and knowledge which has not been posted yet.

No one here is trying to sell you anything except for the idea that if you don’t want the casino to take your money you’ve got to do something besides throw down money.

This website will become an indispensable resource for Roulette players as time goes by; at least that’s my goal.  Best of luck in your gambling excursions because you will need it.

I hope you sign up and contribute – thanks.



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How Does MauiSunset Play Roulette?

If you read all the posts here you know that the best you can do at Roulette is lose the House Advantage.  If you want to make a small fortune playing Roulette then just start with a large fortune first – Roulette will take care of the rest for you.

You know that you need to play a minimum number of spins in order to do your best and you must never use negative progressions under ANY circumstances.

You also know that everyone who brags about “beating Roulette” is delusional or a con artist so you don’t listen to anyone at the table nor take advice from clowns at other Roulette chat-rooms.

So how are you supposed to play Roulette “the right way”?

All I can do is tell you how I play, since I don’t know of anyone who can play Roulette any better; here goes:

My Goal: to make more in casino comps than I lose to the HA. (Which is $26.30 for 100 spins for $5 min bets)

Bankroll: I’m playing an American Roulette wheel with a minimum bet of $5 so I know I need to bring at least  $180 and am prepared to lose it all.

Length of time of session: 4 hours of play (about 100 spins at a table with a dealer) with breaks every hour or so.  If I lose all $180 or make $60 in winnings I instantly quit or stop at the end of 4 hours of play.

I play EC only with any comp tokens bet on single numbers.

Bet selection: I will be playing at night and drinking a lot of free adult beverages so I’m going to use the Penultimate bet selection; it really doesn’t matter how I pick the EC choices, but I like the Penultimate since it locks into all “trends” and alternating patterns.  (There really are no “trends” in random numbers)  The Penultimate will do no better or worse than just picking all  Red or all Black all night – just a lot more fun to use.

Money Management: Flat betting with the $60 winnings going to be used for picking individual numbers if I should ever reach $60 in winnings.  I just feel like taking a chance tonight and not pocket any winnings for another day.

There you have it – no secrets – I would use everything I write about on this blog and hope to accumulate a lot of comps tonight and if I should hit $60 in winnings I’m just going to blow it on picking individual numbers at the end – I’ll bet 12 spins with the minimum $5 bet (I’m going to pick the Green 0 for all 12 spins); if I should win and get 35 to 1 ($175 winnings) and go have a late dinner with my wife – complements of the casino.  I always take huge risks with the casino’s money and small risks with my money.

While gambling, I paid $0 for all the adult beverages I guzzle down in 4 hours, $0 for the room at the casino, $0 for the meals, and $0 for the shows we attended and had a great time.

This is the best you can do at Roulette – I love it.  If you want more out of Roulette you are going to be disappointed and have a terrible time at the Roulette table.  Please note that “luck” plays a HUGE role in ANY Roulette system, I do quite well with mine; but you might not.  So before you blow the rent money on Roulette you need to ask one question as you walk up to the Roulette table: “How will I feel if I just hand my bankroll to the dealer as a tip and walk away?”  The money you bet must mean so little to you that losing it won’t upset you in the slightest – if it does then you have a gambling problem and need to seek professional help.

I encourage you to read ALL the articles here and my YouTube videos – that will stop you from doing stupid things at the Roulette table and help you on your way to doing the best anyone can hope for at the Roulette table.

This is the truth you have been searching for all these years – how to play Roulette the “right way”.  Roulette is entertainment – you always pay for entertainment.   If you want to make money at gambling then buy a casino or buy stock in gaming corporations; but even casinos go bankrupt and stock prices are driven by the economy and politicians……

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Beat Roulette With This Table

There are a few super-secret tips that will help you in your battle with Roulette – here is one of them.  You must play a minimum number of spins.  If you play less then the minimum you might as well hand over your money to the dealer as a tip and leave the casino; at lease someone will benefit from your money.  By “Beating Roulette” I mean that over the long run you do the best that mathematics tells us – basically losing the HA.

If your winnings reach a certain amount this table also tells you when to stop playing; play more and you will give it all back to the Casino.  Enjoy any session that ends with more money in your pocket than when you first came in – don’t worry you will give it back in the next session or two.

I’ll bet nobody ever told you these facts before – well I just did.

I’ve constructed the following chart that you must memorize or print out and take with you to the Roulette table – it is something that no one else at the table knows about and that has never been published before – my gift to you. I’m not going to delve into the math since that represents years of research and I’m not telling anyone how the numbers are arrived at – just believe me that there is a lot of statistics behind those simple numbers.

What does this table mean?

Look at the Even Chance (EC) bet – it means that you must sit through 100 spins for the table to work.  It says that you will need a bankroll of $180 and if you should ever reach $60 in winnings, which means your bankroll becomes $240, at any time the session is over – go take a break with your winnings.  At 1 spin every 2 minutes that means you must stay up to 200 minutes or 3 hours and 20 minutes.

This table will work with ANY crazy betting scheme you can think of – as long as you use flat betting of $5 per spin, you can use a positive progression if you wish (bet more than minimum bet with any winnings you might have)

For single numbers you must stay 1,850 spins and at 1 spin every 2 minutes that’s 3,700 minutes or 62 hours at the Roulette table.  If you don’t plan to stay 62 hours then you can NEVER bet single numbers.  You must also bring $4,210 with you to risk.  If you bet 5 $1 chips on 5 single numbers, per spin, then you can cut the total spins in 1/5 to 370 spins with your bankroll becomes just $842 and your target winnings then becomes $310.

The 1st 5 bet is unique in that if you should ever get above your initial bankroll of $420 then you cash out and leave the table.

If you use more than one kind of bet, like a single number and EC, then each must be kept track of separate and your bankroll is the total of both, like $180 + $4,210 = $4,390.

The target winnings is a number you must NOT ignore – if you get close to that target then cash in and walk away from the table with a smile on your face.

So there it is folks – print out this table and take it with you to the casino.  If you follow the table you will do the best that Roulette allows – even an occasional profit to offset a string of small losses.

More Tables:

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Roulette – Roulete – Roullette – RoletteTips

Roulette TipsFirst, let’s spell Roulette correctly – not Roulete or Roullette or Rolette, just Roulette.

I play American Roulette at a nearby casino twice a month and have done so for a year now – I never leave with a loss. Theoretically, I should be losing 5.26% (2/38) of ALL monies bet to the casino; but I don’t and I can not explain it.

I have no super-secret magic system – I’ve posted my way of playing in other articles here.

I think I play Roulette differently than 99% of the gamblers out there and I’ll share my method here. I ONLY play EC bets and I like Red/Black the best because I can daydream and watch other folks at the table lose all their money and not have to do much mental exercises.

I use the Penultimate method of picking a color – the second to the last color at the top of the Marquee. I flat bet the minimum bet EVERY SPIN and as soon as I make $60, with a $5 minimum bet, I quit for that session  If 3 – 4 hours goes by I look at quitting immediately with a break-even or any profit I have. This is all driven by my Roulette Tables.

I am NOT doing “Hit and Run” gambling I follow my tables and keep my session limited to 100 spins (3 – 4 hours) a target profit of $60 and breaking even if about 2 hours goes by and I’m down. Most of the time I win $60 within 2 hours and call it a day.

I can honestly say I’ve not had a losing session in 2012 & 2013. Like I said I should be down 5.26% of ALL monies bet during the year but I’m up quite a bit; statistics is telling me to get ready for $180 losses several times in 2014.

I will see how long I can keep up a winning streak. The above numbers are for $5 minimum bets and most of the time I play $10 minimum bets and sometimes $25 minimum bets – the percentages all work out the same.

Other gamblers at the table play and play until they lose everything. The few times I see a winner walk away is because they have a profit and had to leave because of some reason. Many come back in a little while and lose all they walked away with.

I am assuming others can do what I do since I don’t consider myself a very lucky person, it’s been 20 years since I’ve ever won at anything but Roulette. I believe you will find Roulette a fun game to play and pay for all your expenses to the casino when you include your profits and comps.

Best of luck……MauiSunset

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MauiSunset’s True Roulette Odds

Copyright June 20, 2012 by RouletteStrategyToWin.com – all rights reserved.  You may NOT use the True Roulette Odds Tables without this copyright notice.

The 200+ year old Roulette Odds Table is wrong – it’s built on the “Gambler’s Fallacy”, the Roulette House Advantage (HA) is 16% and not 5.26% as has been reported for 200+ years.

I noticed that what Nevada casinos report a Roulette House Advantage (HA) of 16% and not the 5.26% which has been used for 200+ years. What could account for this impossibility and what does it mean to the gambler?  The numbers that started me down this path are from the Nevada Gaming Commission – here is a sample report.

The posted HA for Roulette is 5.26% for any and all bets and combination of bets, with any kind of money management possible – with the exception of the First 5 bet, applicable to American tables, which has a HA of 7.89%.  99% of all bets I see are NOT the 1st 5 so the HA the casinos report must be close to 5.26% -right?  But the casinos report a HA of 16% – what can account for this difference of 3 times as much HA?

I found the answer and it has to do with the quirk of random numbers – that 1/3 of the numbers on the Roulette wheel will not show up in the next spin – the proof is at the end of this article.  I built new Roulette Odds Tables reflecting this difference and this accounts for the 16% HA the casinos report in real gambling and not theoretical odds calculation.

Basically the game of Roulette turns out to be a very good game for the casinos and a horrible game for the gambler.  If you want to play Roulette, I recommend ONLY outside, Equal Chance bets and under NO circumstances bet Straight Up single number bets – you don’t stand a chance.

Here are the MauiSunset True Odds Table for American Wheels:

Here is the MauiSunset True Odds Table for European Wheels:

Since the Single Number, “Straight Up” bet is the most common Roulette bet you would expect the HA the Casinos report to be more than 14.86% and 16% makes a lot of sense.

The existing odds table demand that each of the 38 slots on the Roulette wheel has an equal chance of being spun – this is false, about 1/3 of the 38 numbers will not show up on the next spin – therefore the odds table that currently exists showing a HA of 5.26% is based on the Gambler’s Fallacy which demands that the next spin be 100% reflective of the 38 numbers showing up – which is false.

The MauiSunset True Roulette Odds tables above remove the Gamblers’ Fallacy from the calculations.

Basically you stand a horrible chance of having any winnings if you bet Straight Up – betting Equal Chance is much better at a HA of 7.14% but even that is above the stated HA of 5.26%

The “Law of the Third of Random Numbers”

If the chance of spinning a single number is 1/38 then the chance of NOT seeing the number is 37/38 and for 38 spins is (37/38)^38 = 36.3%, that means for a Roulette wheel 38 * .363 = 13.8 or 14 numbers will not show up in 38 spins.


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MauiSunset’s Roulette Paradox

Copyrighted RouletteStrategyToWin.com June 18, 2012, all rights reserved.

MauiSunset’s Roulette Paradox states: the chance of winning a “straight up” bet on an American Roulette wheel is NOT 1 in 38 but 1 in 52, resulting in a House Advantage 6 times as large, but with the payoff remaining the same 35 to 1.

Let me prove it to you.

The odds of winning a single number bet, a “straight up” bet, mathematically is defined as 1 divided by the number of slots on the Roulette wheel, 38 for an American wheel (numbers 1 – 36, 0 and 00) and 37 for a European wheel (numbers 1 – 36 and 0).  I don’t dispute this at all.  The odds are 1 in 38. (American wheel for the remainder of this post)

However, those odds are usurped by the probability of your number showing up in the next spin – a HUGE difference.  This is what the “Gamblers’ Fallacy” is all about – which demands that the odds MUST dominate the game of Roulette for EVERY spin.  If you see 10 Reds in a row and the odds are close to 50/50 then Black is grossly over due – that’s the Gamblers’ Fallacy, demanding the odds supersede probability.  The same applies here.

When the odds are calculated, 1 divided by 38, the assumption is that each and every one of those 38 slots is just as likely to be hit.  That’s wrong, that’s the Gambler’s Fallacy, demanding the odds dominate over statistics for EVERY spin.  In reality 1/3 of the numbers, actually 36.3%, on the Roulette wheel will not be included in the next spin and must be accounted for in the actual odds.

That would mean that if I pick a number, 0, 00, or 1 – 36, that it MUST show up in the next 38 spins – right?  Well that’s what it means when you say the odds are equal for every slot on the Roulette wheel for every spin.  If a duplicate number appears then the odds were not equal – that number was not 1/38 likely to hit – it just hit in the last spin.

In fact, if you bet on the same number for 38 times in a row, you will find that about 1/3 of these tests results with your number not being spun – that’s right about 1/3 of the time.

Roulette random numbers have a quirk – duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates, and higher will spin out in the next 38 spins of the wheel.  I’ve included the mathematics proving this at the end of this article.  Basically when you have 38 numbers and 38 spins 1/3 (about 13-14 of them) will be spun once, 1/3 (13 -14 of them) will show up as duplicates and higher, and thus 1/3 (actually 36.3% or 13-14 of them) will not show up at all due to the dups.

Therefore the one number you pick up for “straight up” bets should show up in 38 + 14 or 52 spins, yet the payoff is still 35 to 1.

The House Advantage is calculated by the chance of winning which is 1/52 * 35 minus the chance of loosing which is 51/52 * -1 = -30.77% instead of the stated odds calculation of 1/38 * 35 – 37/38 * 1 = -5.26%.  The HA for Roulette Straight Up bets, in reality, is really 6 times more than theoretical odds calculation – it is a sucker bet.

As supporting proof I offer the fact that the average profit per Roulette table in Las Vegas NOT the House Advantage for Roulette of 5.26% but the tables produce a profit of 16% – 3 times as much profit, based on real spins and not theoretical odds.  Something must account for the HUGE profits of Nevada casinos and Straight Up bets is the answer; most of the bets on a Roulette table are Straight Up.  Nevada Roulette table winnings reported to the Nevada Gaming Commission: http://www.gaming.nv.gov/documents/pdf/1g_12mar.pdf

In summary, betting on “straight up” single numbers is 6 times worse than the stated Roulette odds table; it’s a sucker bet.  The stated odds of 1 in 35 are wrong – the Gamblers’ Fallacy was used in that calculation, the probability of winning is really 1 in 52.

The “Observation of the Third of Random Numbers not spun”:

If the chance of spinning a single number is 1/38 then the chance of NOT spinning the number is 37/38 and for 38 spins is (37/38)^38 = 36.3%, that means for a Roulette wheel 38 * .363 = 13.8 or 14 numbers will not show up in the next 38 spins.

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Roulette’s Law of Tirds

(I know it’s thirds but this concept stinks so bad that tirds is a fitting description)

There is a Roulette Law of Tirds that many gamblers believe in – there are probably 300+ Roulette systems based on this wacko concept so you might as well find out what turns these wackos on.

The Roulette Law of Tirds states that if you spin the Roulette wheel 37 or 38 times that only 2 tirds of the 37/38 numbers will show up – that 1 tird won’t show up – they are “sleepers” or the “sleeping dozen”; that means that 1 tird are duplicates, triplicates, or quadruplicates.

First; there is NO statistical principle called the Law of Tirds/Thirds for random numbers – this is just some drunken gamblers wacko idea of mathematics.  Go ahead and type into Google “Statistical Law of Thirds” (Include the quote marks) and see for yourself (OK, there is one whack-job entry out there and this article)  Statistics does not concur that spinning the Roulette wheel 37/38 times will result in 1 tird being “sleepers” and 1 tird being duplicates and that you can actually increase your odds of wining somehow.

Second; what in the world would you do with this wacky concept?  Bet on the 1 tird that don’t show up?  Bet on the 1 tird duplicates hoping that they won’t show up again?  If so, you are starting another set of 37/38 spins and who knows what tird will be missing from this set too?  OMG, now you have 2 sets of tirds conflicting with each other.

Tird; you try to sit around a Roulette table and write down 37/38 spins without placing a bet – the Pit Boss will be over whispering in your ear that you need to move to another casino since you’ve spent an hour clogging up his table without betting.  My suggestion is that if you want to sit through 37/38 spins, and not bet, that you wear a tinfoil hat – more than likely he will think you are part of the comedy act next door and leave you alone.  Believe me, there will be lots of laughing going on.

You can do your own experiments on this topic – just use the MS Excel spreadsheet and generate 37 or 38 random numbers in a column and you will see that about 1 tird are duplicates or triplicates and 1 tird are “sleepers” but this has nothing to do with the next spin of the wheel – nothing.  Knowing “sleepers” is totally worthless and the reason statistics ignores this phenomena – it means nothing to the next random number generated.  This is simply another version of the Gamblers’ Fallacy.

I always come back to the stated odds table for Roulette – it was first published over 200 years ago and it remains unchanged – there is no such thing as “sleeping dozens” since that would mean the odds table would have to change – which it can’t.  If you get confused by any Roulette trading system just come back to the stated odds table – it can’t change and thus there are no systems that can beat the HA – none, zip, zilch.

This is another example of gamblers believing in voodoo concepts that don’t really exist except at wacko Roulette websites where the kooks there believe in this insanity and make systems that simply lose money like crazy.  Since there is no statistical theory behind the Law of Tirds gamblers can make up all kinds of rules and laws that are associated with the law that doesn’t exist.

If you stumble across a website where the folks believe in this stupid idea you should laugh yourself silly and poke fun at them if you wish.  String them along and you will have hours of fun listening to morons talk as if they knew what they were talking about.  If you listen to them you deserve all the punishment that is about to dominate your next Roulette session.

I hope you are beginning to realize how much I detest those wacko websites that promote all this BS – they cause thousands of gamblers to lose millions of dollars each year – just so the owner of those websites can sell his worthless Roulette systems that don’t work….

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Other Roulette Contests Are Phonies

I run a $1,000 Roulette challenge monthly – with no takers, let alone winners, so far.  Quite frankly I don’t ever expect to hand over $1,000 to a winner, and probably a few folks will give it a try and fail miserably – that’s just my guess how this will play out.  Mathematics and 200+ years of daily challenges to Roulette tell us that “beating Roulette” can’t be done.

However, there are other Roulette websites that run contests where just about everyone is a big winner – what gives?  Those websites sell phony Roulette systems and are run by con men who will cheat you out of your hard earned money.  So when they hold a “contest” it’s rigged – the folks who pretend to be the big winners are part of the con – they know the Roulette spins before hand.  You won’t ever find them playing a live spinning Roulette wheel anywhere – just historical spins that the contestants have while they play.  Their challenge is to not make it too obvious that they are cheating.

I, on the other hand, base my $1,000 challenge around a live spinning Roulette wheel at an online casino where folks are betting in real time – no chance of cheating with my challenge.

You know that when you see something that’s too good to be true you are being conned – you know that right?

If you should visit a website holding a phony contest just ask the big winners how they changed the stated odds table or stated payout table?  They can’t answer you since they can’t change those tables.  The only thing left is cheating by knowing the spins before hand and pretend that they don’t know what’s coming – it’s called a con.

These websites are like watching a magic show – things are being done that the laws of physics and mathematics say are impossible.  Or worse yet, these websites are like your spam folder – filled with despicable characters that would steal everything you have worked hard for and do it with a smile.  That’s why I get banned from those websites – I keep asking questions that they get paid not to answer.

It’s just a con game folks, if any of the “big winners” could actually do what they pretend to do they would not be on a public website wasting their time playing for fun and spoofing you, they would be in casinos making billions of dollars a year, hell maybe trillions of dollars.

Follow the money folks…………

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Hit and Run Roulette Gambling

Hit and run works really well in baseball but it’s a really stupid idea in Roulette – yet I read Roulette system after system based on this really really dumb idea.  Other Roulette chat rooms are full of kooks who believe in this crazy idea – that betting just a few spins has some magical power.

EVERY spin of the wheel you are prepared to bet on is just a continuation of ALL the previous spins you were prepared to bet on – it’s cumulative in nature; it’s called statistics.  Over a long period of time, like 10,000 spins, your personal betting record should approach the odds for the kind of bets you wager – but ONLY if you play Roulette the correct way – playing the odds table and FLAT betting.  If you don’t play the odds table, or use negative progressions, you will do much worse than the stated odds – much worse; because you will be wiped out early and never play the thousands of spins needed to approach what the odds table say you should be doing.

Now you might say that I preach the same thing with my system – that after 3 hours of gambling, about 75 spins of EC betting with $5 bets, I tell you that if you are near the target profit of $60 I just end the session early and walk away.  This is simply weighing spending another hour in a smoke filled casino, woozy after 3 hours of drinking hard-liquor, and needing to hit the bathroom again; it has nothing to do with a gambling system; I’ve had my fill of gambling for that session.

But there are thousands of Roulette systems based on the “hit and run” idea – that the system is based on some super-secret concept of quick betting.  This ALWAYS means that the system is so bad, as it stands, that playing it continuously for hundreds of spins will wipe you out so fast that the author then says to just use it for a couple of spins; like that will solve the problem of a horribly designed system.

Folks, this is insanity.  There is no mathematical principle called “hit and run” – you can read every book on statistics at the library and you won’t find a single paragraph dedicated to “hit and run” statistics.  Betting on just a few spins is called luck, not statistics.  Just like every baseball player has a lifetime, season, and game batting average they all tie back to the lifetime average which defines that player in the history books.

The Roulette Odds table is based on FLAT betting – betting the same amount every spin.  If you use any kind of progression, either positive or negative, you immediately diverge from the odds table – and probably not in a good way.  Most of us measure how we did that session by the amount of money in our bankroll as we leave the table – we don’t keep track of the number of wins and losses at the table; which is the statistics and the only thing that matters in the long run.   To put it another way, over the long run you will do no better than the odds table but the amount you bet can easily bankrupt you out of the casino in a few spins.

What makes Roulette gambling worth the time and effort is based on long term statistics – that in the long run you will average the odds for the bets you place and that the house can only win the HA from you; but ONLY if you play Roulette the correct way by playing the odds table.  In the short run, luck dominates just a few spins and you have NO control over luck – none, zip, zilch………..

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10,000 Roulette System Failures

Instead of listing thousands and thousands of Roulette systems that don’t work, here is a handy dandy checklist that you can use to debunk any Roulette system you come across:

1) Does the system require you to look at the Roulette marquee?

2) Does the system require you to look at the last number spun?

3) Does the system ask you to wait X-number of spins before betting?

4) Does the system ask you to increase your next bet when you lose?

5) Does the system not specify your bankroll?

6) Does the system not tell you how many spins to take in this session?

7) Does the system tell you what number/color to bet next?

8 ) Does the system not tell you how the HA is bypassed?

9) Does the system require “hit and run” betting – just a few bets then you stop?

10) Does the system use the Roulette Law of Thirds?

You want 10 NO answers, and if just 1 answer is a YES you have a phony system that is doomed to do much worse than losing the HA, which is the best you can do playing Roulette.

You can read my published Roulette system and you will see that ALL questions answer with a NO; it is a legitimate Roulette system that will produce the best results possible – the loss of the HA at the end of a session.

Let me reiterate this key point – the BEST you can do in Roulette is to lose the HA over the long run; that means playing the odds table like MauiSunset’s Roulette system.  If you follow any system that reports back with just 1 Yes above you will lose much much more than the HA – a lot more.  It won’t be even close – you will get your clock cleaned!!!!!

Again, this is reality and not a convention of kooks who believe they have outsmarted Roulette, a 200+ year old casino game that makes billions for the casino every year for 200+ years.  If you don’t like these findings, try to find a game in the casino that will pay you to gamble – good luck.

Hope this helps…

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