10,000 Roulette System Failures

Instead of listing thousands and thousands of Roulette systems that don’t work, here is a handy dandy checklist that you can use to debunk any Roulette system you come across:

1) Does the system require you to look at the Roulette marquee?

2) Does the system require you to look at the last number spun?

3) Does the system ask you to wait X-number of spins before betting?

4) Does the system ask you to increase your next bet when you lose?

5) Does the system not specify your bankroll?

6) Does the system not tell you how many spins to take in this session?

7) Does the system tell you what number/color to bet next?

8 ) Does the system not tell you how the HA is bypassed?

9) Does the system require “hit and run” betting – just a few bets then you stop?

10) Does the system use the Roulette Law of Thirds?

You want 10 NO answers, and if just 1 answer is a YES you have a phony system that is doomed to do much worse than losing the HA, which is the best you can do playing Roulette.

You can read my published Roulette system and you will see that ALL questions answer with a NO; it is a legitimate Roulette system that will produce the best results possible – the loss of the HA at the end of a session.

Let me reiterate this key point – the BEST you can do in Roulette is to lose the HA over the long run; that means playing the odds table like MauiSunset’s Roulette system.  If you follow any system that reports back with just 1 Yes above you will lose much much more than the HA – a lot more.  It won’t be even close – you will get your clock cleaned!!!!!

Again, this is reality and not a convention of kooks who believe they have outsmarted Roulette, a 200+ year old casino game that makes billions for the casino every year for 200+ years.  If you don’t like these findings, try to find a game in the casino that will pay you to gamble – good luck.

Hope this helps…

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