ALL Roulette Chat Rooms Are Phonies – Except This One

I am banned from a lot of Roulette chat rooms – I ask the wrong kind of questions which they just can’t answer.  These questions are math based and I simply ask the folks who claim to “beat Roulette” to show me the statistics that allows them to make their wild claims – of course they can’t produce any kind of math or physics so they eventually get tired of me asking and ban me.

So ask all the questions you want here and on other websites – but don’t be surprised if you ask the folks who claim to make billions of dollars playing Roulette to prove it – you know they can’t.

I now take it as a badge of courage to be banned from them, you should too.

So here are some questions you need to ask the wizards of Roulette:

1) The built in house advantage for American Roulette wheels is 5.26% (2/38) and for European wheels it’s 2.7% (1/37) how do they beat this advantage that has lasted for 200+ years at every Roulette table in the world?  How do they get rid of the 0 and 00?

2) Since all bets have the house advantage, no matter how they combine them, how do they explain their success?  What mathematics do they use to accomplish this impossible task if they can’t physically remove 0 and 00?

3) What money management trick do they use to get rid of the house advantage?  Can they be specific?

4) Don’t accept any kind of “proof” in the form of scans of statements or computer screens – all can be spoofed with standard Photoshop tricks.

5) Would they put on a real time demo of their magical system?  It’s easy to do and a live spinning wheel broadcast from European casinos can be used.

If you start to ask these questions be prepared for all kinds of slurs and insults – then eventually banned.  The other Roulette websites are filled with true believers – they actually believe that Roulette can be “broken” and that they know how to do it – they are delusional, of course, but that’s what they really believe.  It’s like arguing religion with someone – logic means nothing, its all emotions.

Folks, there is NO way to beat Roulette, all you can do is do the best that mathematics tells us we can do – lose the house advantage of 5.26% or 2.7% of all monies bet.  Hopefully the comps you generate will be worth more than the amount lost to the house advantage.  If not, then the fun and thrill you have playing Roulette is what you eventually pay for with the house advantage.

You will quickly discover that ALL Roulette chat rooms are run by hucksters hustling Roulette systems and the folks there are part of the scam or just blithering morons and believe all the crap the other folks spout.  All except this website that gives you the truth – you can’t beat Roulette and that’s why it’s the oldest game in every casino in the world.

The best way to view all the other Roulette chat-rooms is to view them as populated with UFO fanatics – all of them believe in super intelligent beings traveling to Earth and then bumbling around stumbling around crashing and stealing humans.  The other Roulette websites are filled with folks who are mentally unstable since they all don’t believe in mathematics and physics that rule Earth – maybe on other planets populated with super intelligent beings bumbling and stumbling around their Roulette tables but not on Earth.

Let me know which websites you get banned from – this should be fun….

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