Beat Roulette With This Table

There are a few super-secret tips that will help you in your battle with Roulette – here is one of them.  You must play a minimum number of spins.  If you play less then the minimum you might as well hand over your money to the dealer as a tip and leave the casino; at lease someone will benefit from your money.  By “Beating Roulette” I mean that over the long run you do the best that mathematics tells us – basically losing the HA.

If your winnings reach a certain amount this table also tells you when to stop playing; play more and you will give it all back to the Casino.  Enjoy any session that ends with more money in your pocket than when you first came in – don’t worry you will give it back in the next session or two.

I’ll bet nobody ever told you these facts before – well I just did.

I’ve constructed the following chart that you must memorize or print out and take with you to the Roulette table – it is something that no one else at the table knows about and that has never been published before – my gift to you. I’m not going to delve into the math since that represents years of research and I’m not telling anyone how the numbers are arrived at – just believe me that there is a lot of statistics behind those simple numbers.

What does this table mean?

Look at the Even Chance (EC) bet – it means that you must sit through 100 spins for the table to work.  It says that you will need a bankroll of $180 and if you should ever reach $60 in winnings, which means your bankroll becomes $240, at any time the session is over – go take a break with your winnings.  At 1 spin every 2 minutes that means you must stay up to 200 minutes or 3 hours and 20 minutes.

This table will work with ANY crazy betting scheme you can think of – as long as you use flat betting of $5 per spin, you can use a positive progression if you wish (bet more than minimum bet with any winnings you might have)

For single numbers you must stay 1,850 spins and at 1 spin every 2 minutes that’s 3,700 minutes or 62 hours at the Roulette table.  If you don’t plan to stay 62 hours then you can NEVER bet single numbers.  You must also bring $4,210 with you to risk.  If you bet 5 $1 chips on 5 single numbers, per spin, then you can cut the total spins in 1/5 to 370 spins with your bankroll becomes just $842 and your target winnings then becomes $310.

The 1st 5 bet is unique in that if you should ever get above your initial bankroll of $420 then you cash out and leave the table.

If you use more than one kind of bet, like a single number and EC, then each must be kept track of separate and your bankroll is the total of both, like $180 + $4,210 = $4,390.

The target winnings is a number you must NOT ignore – if you get close to that target then cash in and walk away from the table with a smile on your face.

So there it is folks – print out this table and take it with you to the casino.  If you follow the table you will do the best that Roulette allows – even an occasional profit to offset a string of small losses.

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