Casino Comps

If the best you can do, in Roulette, is break even over a long period of time then why play Roulette?

Comps. (Complimentaries)

Comps are handed out like candy at every casino – you must sign up for the Rewards card and turn in the card to the pit boss in order to get comps.

When you sit down at the Roulette table you throw your money down along with your Reward card and the dealer will give you Roulette colored chips and the Pit Boss will enter you into the Reward computer system.  The Pit Boss has a route that he travels from table to table checking up on the dealer and gamblers.  He will check the Rewards card in his system against who is sitting at the table.

It is important that you ask for more chips than you plan to use.  If the minimum bet is $5 then don’t ask for just $20 worth of chips, ask for $100.  If you are on a losing streak don’t let your pile of chips shrink to nothing – keep the size of the stack large and keep track of your losses.  When the Pit Boss makes his rounds he will see you have  a nice stack of chips and ready to lose more to the casino.

When you leave the table cash in your colored chips for money chips but wait until the Pit Boss finishes at your table so you get more credit.

When you get your rewards statement, in the mail, it probably has coupons in the mailer – use them or lose them.  If you don’t use them the Reward computer assumes you aren’t interested in spending your points so you will get fewer freebies the next month.

Hotel rooms are normally offered first to you on off days like Sunday – Thursday.  If you want to ever stay over the weekend you must first stay in off days.  It takes a while to get better and better comps and the more you use them the more you will get.

Eventually you will get so many comps that you will get a 1099 form and if you do pay the taxes!

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