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Roulette – Roulete – Roullette – RoletteTips

First, let’s spell Roulette correctly – not Roulete or Roullette or Rolette, just Roulette. I play American Roulette at a nearby casino twice a month and have done so for a year now – I never leave with a loss. … Continue reading

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Roulette’s Law of Tirds

(I know it’s thirds but this concept stinks so bad that tirds is a fitting description) There is a Roulette Law of Tirds that many gamblers believe in – there are probably 300+ Roulette systems based on this wacko concept so … Continue reading

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The House Advantage

The Roulette House Advantage (HA) is simply what the casino can expect, as income, from each Roulette table for every day of the year.  It’s a tax or fee for allowing you to play Roulette at their casino.  Here is … Continue reading

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The Best You Can Do At Roulette

So what is the best you can do at Roulette over the long run? First what the heck is “long run”?  1,000 spins should have you approaching the winning rate of Roulette which is about 95% of what you bet. … Continue reading

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Roulette Methodology Defined

Roulette system methodology defined Continue reading

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RNG – Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators (RNG) run your life every day Continue reading

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Gambler’s Fallacy

Don’t fall for Gambler’s Fallacy Continue reading

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