Hit and Run Roulette Gambling

Hit and run works really well in baseball but it’s a really stupid idea in Roulette – yet I read Roulette system after system based on this really really dumb idea.  Other Roulette chat rooms are full of kooks who believe in this crazy idea – that betting just a few spins has some magical power.

EVERY spin of the wheel you are prepared to bet on is just a continuation of ALL the previous spins you were prepared to bet on – it’s cumulative in nature; it’s called statistics.  Over a long period of time, like 10,000 spins, your personal betting record should approach the odds for the kind of bets you wager – but ONLY if you play Roulette the correct way – playing the odds table and FLAT betting.  If you don’t play the odds table, or use negative progressions, you will do much worse than the stated odds – much worse; because you will be wiped out early and never play the thousands of spins needed to approach what the odds table say you should be doing.

Now you might say that I preach the same thing with my system – that after 3 hours of gambling, about 75 spins of EC betting with $5 bets, I tell you that if you are near the target profit of $60 I just end the session early and walk away.  This is simply weighing spending another hour in a smoke filled casino, woozy after 3 hours of drinking hard-liquor, and needing to hit the bathroom again; it has nothing to do with a gambling system; I’ve had my fill of gambling for that session.

But there are thousands of Roulette systems based on the “hit and run” idea – that the system is based on some super-secret concept of quick betting.  This ALWAYS means that the system is so bad, as it stands, that playing it continuously for hundreds of spins will wipe you out so fast that the author then says to just use it for a couple of spins; like that will solve the problem of a horribly designed system.

Folks, this is insanity.  There is no mathematical principle called “hit and run” – you can read every book on statistics at the library and you won’t find a single paragraph dedicated to “hit and run” statistics.  Betting on just a few spins is called luck, not statistics.  Just like every baseball player has a lifetime, season, and game batting average they all tie back to the lifetime average which defines that player in the history books.

The Roulette Odds table is based on FLAT betting – betting the same amount every spin.  If you use any kind of progression, either positive or negative, you immediately diverge from the odds table – and probably not in a good way.  Most of us measure how we did that session by the amount of money in our bankroll as we leave the table – we don’t keep track of the number of wins and losses at the table; which is the statistics and the only thing that matters in the long run.   To put it another way, over the long run you will do no better than the odds table but the amount you bet can easily bankrupt you out of the casino in a few spins.

What makes Roulette gambling worth the time and effort is based on long term statistics – that in the long run you will average the odds for the bets you place and that the house can only win the HA from you; but ONLY if you play Roulette the correct way by playing the odds table.  In the short run, luck dominates just a few spins and you have NO control over luck – none, zip, zilch………..

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