How Does MauiSunset Play Roulette?

If you read all the posts here you know that the best you can do at Roulette is lose the House Advantage.  If you want to make a small fortune playing Roulette then just start with a large fortune first – Roulette will take care of the rest for you.

You know that you need to play a minimum number of spins in order to do your best and you must never use negative progressions under ANY circumstances.

You also know that everyone who brags about “beating Roulette” is delusional or a con artist so you don’t listen to anyone at the table nor take advice from clowns at other Roulette chat-rooms.

So how are you supposed to play Roulette “the right way”?

All I can do is tell you how I play, since I don’t know of anyone who can play Roulette any better; here goes:

My Goal: to make more in casino comps than I lose to the HA. (Which is $26.30 for 100 spins for $5 min bets)

Bankroll: I’m playing an American Roulette wheel with a minimum bet of $5 so I know I need to bring at least  $180 and am prepared to lose it all.

Length of time of session: 4 hours of play (about 100 spins at a table with a dealer) with breaks every hour or so.  If I lose all $180 or make $60 in winnings I instantly quit or stop at the end of 4 hours of play.

I play EC only with any comp tokens bet on single numbers.

Bet selection: I will be playing at night and drinking a lot of free adult beverages so I’m going to use the Penultimate bet selection; it really doesn’t matter how I pick the EC choices, but I like the Penultimate since it locks into all “trends” and alternating patterns.  (There really are no “trends” in random numbers)  The Penultimate will do no better or worse than just picking all  Red or all Black all night – just a lot more fun to use.

Money Management: Flat betting with the $60 winnings going to be used for picking individual numbers if I should ever reach $60 in winnings.  I just feel like taking a chance tonight and not pocket any winnings for another day.

There you have it – no secrets – I would use everything I write about on this blog and hope to accumulate a lot of comps tonight and if I should hit $60 in winnings I’m just going to blow it on picking individual numbers at the end – I’ll bet 12 spins with the minimum $5 bet (I’m going to pick the Green 0 for all 12 spins); if I should win and get 35 to 1 ($175 winnings) and go have a late dinner with my wife – complements of the casino.  I always take huge risks with the casino’s money and small risks with my money.

While gambling, I paid $0 for all the adult beverages I guzzle down in 4 hours, $0 for the room at the casino, $0 for the meals, and $0 for the shows we attended and had a great time.

This is the best you can do at Roulette – I love it.  If you want more out of Roulette you are going to be disappointed and have a terrible time at the Roulette table.  Please note that “luck” plays a HUGE role in ANY Roulette system, I do quite well with mine; but you might not.  So before you blow the rent money on Roulette you need to ask one question as you walk up to the Roulette table: “How will I feel if I just hand my bankroll to the dealer as a tip and walk away?”  The money you bet must mean so little to you that losing it won’t upset you in the slightest – if it does then you have a gambling problem and need to seek professional help.

I encourage you to read ALL the articles here and my YouTube videos – that will stop you from doing stupid things at the Roulette table and help you on your way to doing the best anyone can hope for at the Roulette table.

This is the truth you have been searching for all these years – how to play Roulette the “right way”.  Roulette is entertainment – you always pay for entertainment.   If you want to make money at gambling then buy a casino or buy stock in gaming corporations; but even casinos go bankrupt and stock prices are driven by the economy and politicians……

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