Martingale – the Mother of all Negative Progressions

You all know this betting progression – you lose so you double your bet, and you lose again so you double again, and again and again.  So you are supposed to bet $5 then $10 then $20 then $40 then $80 then $160… until you finally win and clear $5.

The only thing a Martingale is good for is part of the reins of a horse – it prevents the horse’s head from flailing backwards into the rider.

Folks who use the Martingale believe in the Gambler’s Fallacy – that the gambling gods will force the Roulette wheel to change the odds so they eventually win.

I have had 14 – 16 losses in a row, every gambler eventually does, and the betting progression for just $1 would be:

$1 – $2 – $4 – $8 – $16 – $32 – $64 – $128 – $256 – $512 – $1,024 – $2,048 – $4,096 – a Table limit of $5,000 would stop you here with a $8,191 loss just to make $1.  Martingales might belong on a horse but not at Roulette tables.  About 10% of all Roulette systems incorporate a Martingale – no need to even read what they do – they are losers.

Anyone who uses the Martingale or any system that advocates it is totally insane – you want to run away from these folks and systems as fast as your little feet can move.

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