My $1,000 Roulette Contest

Please watch this video before reading further:

David is a master magician and you expect to see him do things that normal people can’t do.  Do you expect the same with folks selling Roulette “Make a million playing Roulette” or other folks bragging about seeing the future by reading random numbers?  I sure hope not.

As time goes on, I will be challenging individuals and companies to demonstrate their product/system here in real time.  So as to not succumb to the same trickery that David uses I will be learning their system and playing Roulette in a live Webinar right here.  Let’s see if these systems/products actually work – why guess?

My $1,000 Contest:

Once a month, on the last Sunday of the month, at Noon Central time in the USA I will play exactly 100 bets of anyone’s system/product in four hours or less on a live spinning wheel held within a Webinar with up to 100 witnesses.  The starting bankroll is 100 minimum bets and the final bankroll must be at least 200 minimum bets to be declared a winner.

The winner will get $1,000 USD immediately deposited to their PayPal account or a check sent via mail – the choice is the challengers.  If the last Sunday of the month is a holiday then the Sunday immediately before is the date of the monthly challenge.

The entrance fee is $100 USD must be paid at the time of signup and is non-refundable.  This fee covers my expenses of running the Webinar and up to 10 hours of my time.  It also will keep out folks who are not serious about their product/system.

The contest will be held within a Webinar with up to 100 witnesses – the live spinning Roulette wheel link will be supplied so everyone can confirm that the wheel within the Webinar is the one at the online casino.


Only one challenge per month and the the winner/loser will be posted on this website for all to see.  The Webinar will be taped and then made available to be viewed by anyone at the website.

A $100 USD entrance fee is due and payable at the time the monthly contest opens – usually three months before the actual contest month.  Payment is via PayPal and is taken at the time of sign up.  This fee is non refundable and compensates me for my time and resources.

I will spend up to 5 hours learning your system/product, which must be given to me free and without any strings attached.  I will practice with the challenger privately on a private Webinar to make sure I am following the rules.  I will sign a non-disclosure agreement, if need be, and not tell anyone how the system/product works.  The betting will take place in “practice” mode so no actual money is used.

Then up to 100 folks will be invited to the Webinar to witness a live spinning wheel and I will make exactly 100 bets.  The challenger will verify that I’ve bet correctly for each bet.

Up to 4 hours of real time betting is allocated for the 100 bets – if 4 hours elapses and 100 bets have not been made then the challenger loses instantly.  At the end of the 100 bets a winner is declared if the final bankroll is 200 minimum bets or greater; the bankroll must at least double in size to declared a winner.  Payment of $1,000 USD will be made in real time to the winner, or if the winner wants to donate the money to their favorite charity I will do so and have a Notary Republic witness the paperwork the next business day and the paperwork posted here.

One hour will be given to the winning challenger, at the end of the 100 bets, to discuss their product but no sales can take place on the Webinar or on this website.  If the challenger loses, no additional time will be awarded – the Webinar will close immediately.

If any of these rules violates the laws of any country then they will be adjusted to comply.  If this can’t be done then the $100 USD entrance fee will be refunded to the challenger and another way will be found to conduct my challenge.  Rules subject to change without notice.

Best of luck to all the contestants and look for the challenges as they become available.  This is your chance to put your money where your mouth is – I’m doing the same.

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