NOTHING Can Beat Roulette – Really?

YES!  No Roulette system or program or technique “works”, that is, can do any better than losing the HA over a period of time gambling!  (Russian Roulette is another matter)

I once was going to list 500+ Roulette systems, on this website, that don’t work – then it occurred to me that since NOTHING works in Roulette why list just 500 why not 1,000 or 5,000 Roulette systems that don’t work?  It’s just easier to say that NOTHING can beat Roulette – the problem is that if you don’t play Roulette the right way you will lose a ton of money.

There is only one way to play Roulette, “the right way” – you play the odds table with the help of my super-secret table, never use negative progressions, and pick any number/selection you want – it makes no difference.  What will happen is that you will just about break even – minus the HA.  To be honest I normally look at ending my 4 hour session at break-even anytime after 3 hours of play.

So why are there 10,000 Roulette systems out there?  Because the folks who create these systems believe that they can beat statistics – they don’t know how, but they are sure they can; they are crazy.  Then there are folks who believe that Roulette can be beaten by studying the wheel and the dealer – that somehow a “signature” can be found to reduce the HA; they are crazy too.

The biggest culprit at work here is the Gambler’s Fallacy – the screwy idea that by playing just a few spins requires the Roulette wheel to follow the odds table which is based on billions of spins.  Lets say that you walk up to a Roulette table and see ALL Red numbers, no greens or black (white on the board) – the last 12 – 16 numbers were Red.  Some folks believe that Black is way “overdue” and start to bet Black, while others believe a “streak” in going on and bet Red.  There are NO streaks or “overdue” numbers in random numbers – that’s why they are called random numbers; the past spun numbers mean nothing to the next number spun.

In reality, random numbers have just come out Red and that the odds of Red or Black showing up on the next spin are still the same they have been for 200+ years – 16/37 or 16/38.  That’s the problem with ALL Roulette systems – they can’t change the odds that have been posted at every Roulette table in the world for 200+ years.

This is the reason ALL Roulette systems fail – they can’t change the odds table which was published 200+ years ago and has NEVER changed; if you can’t change the odds table nor the payout table you can’t do any better than losing the HA over hundreds/thousands of spins; that’s the truth folks.  Look at it that way – the nuts who claim to have “broken” roulette claim they can warp the odds table to their will – so how come they can’t warp the payoff table to their will too?  Both are fixed and can’t be changed except in the demented minds of tormented gamblers; don’t get suckered into their insane world.

The reason the kooks who brag about “beating Roulette” can’t tell you how they beat Roulette is very simple – they can’t beat Roulette; it’s as simple as that folks.  These wackos hint at new kinds of undiscovered math and how Einstein was wrong with his prognostications of Roulette being unbeatable – these folks are insane; don’t get suckered into believing in their delusions.

I am constantly amazed at the truly screwy new systems that gamblers swear they use to make a fortune at Roulette – they are either pathological liars, totally insane, but probably a lot of both.  The folks who claim to “beat Roulette” are the same kind of folks who haunt your spam eMail folder – look at who these folks are and stay away from these losers….

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