Other Roulette Contests Are Phonies

I run a ,000 Roulette challenge monthly – with no takers, let alone winners, so far.  Quite frankly I don’t ever expect to hand over $1,000 to a winner, and probably a few folks will give it a try and fail miserably – that’s just my guess how this will play out.  Mathematics and 200+ years of daily challenges to Roulette tell us that “beating Roulette” can’t be done.

However, there are other Roulette websites that run contests where just about everyone is a big winner – what gives?  Those websites sell phony Roulette systems and are run by con men who will cheat you out of your hard earned money.  So when they hold a “contest” it’s rigged – the folks who pretend to be the big winners are part of the con – they know the Roulette spins before hand.  You won’t ever find them playing a live spinning Roulette wheel anywhere – just historical spins that the contestants have while they play.  Their challenge is to not make it too obvious that they are cheating.

I, on the other hand, base my $1,000 challenge around a live spinning Roulette wheel at an online casino where folks are betting in real time – no chance of cheating with my challenge.

You know that when you see something that’s too good to be true you are being conned – you know that right?

If you should visit a website holding a phony contest just ask the big winners how they changed the stated odds table or stated payout table?  They can’t answer you since they can’t change those tables.  The only thing left is cheating by knowing the spins before hand and pretend that they don’t know what’s coming – it’s called a con.

These websites are like watching a magic show – things are being done that the laws of physics and mathematics say are impossible.  Or worse yet, these websites are like your spam folder – filled with despicable characters that would steal everything you have worked hard for and do it with a smile.  That’s why I get banned from those websites – I keep asking questions that they get paid not to answer.

It’s just a con game folks, if any of the “big winners” could actually do what they pretend to do they would not be on a public website wasting their time playing for fun and spoofing you, they would be in casinos making billions of dollars a year, hell maybe trillions of dollars.

Follow the money folks…………

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