NOTHING Can Beat Roulette – Really?

YES!  No Roulette system or program or technique “works”, that is, can do any better than losing the HA over a period of time gambling!  (Russian Roulette is another matter)

I once was going to list 500+ Roulette systems, on this website, that don’t work – then it occurred to me that since NOTHING works in Roulette why list just 500 why not 1,000 or 5,000 Roulette systems that don’t work?  It’s just easier to say that NOTHING can beat Roulette – the problem is that if you don’t play Roulette the right way you will lose a ton of money.

There is only one way to play Roulette, “the right way” – you play the odds table with the help of my super-secret table, never use negative progressions, and pick any number/selection you want – it makes no difference.  What will happen is that you will just about break even – minus the HA.  To be honest I normally look at ending my 4 hour session at break-even anytime after 3 hours of play.

So why are there 10,000 Roulette systems out there?  Because the folks who create these systems believe that they can beat statistics – they don’t know how, but they are sure they can; they are crazy.  Then there are folks who believe that Roulette can be beaten by studying the wheel and the dealer – that somehow a “signature” can be found to reduce the HA; they are crazy too.

The biggest culprit at work here is the Gambler’s Fallacy – the screwy idea that by playing just a few spins requires the Roulette wheel to follow the odds table which is based on billions of spins.  Lets say that you walk up to a Roulette table and see ALL Red numbers, no greens or black (white on the board) – the last 12 – 16 numbers were Red.  Some folks believe that Black is way “overdue” and start to bet Black, while others believe a “streak” in going on and bet Red.  There are NO streaks or “overdue” numbers in random numbers – that’s why they are called random numbers; the past spun numbers mean nothing to the next number spun.

In reality, random numbers have just come out Red and that the odds of Red or Black showing up on the next spin are still the same they have been for 200+ years – 16/37 or 16/38.  That’s the problem with ALL Roulette systems – they can’t change the odds that have been posted at every Roulette table in the world for 200+ years.

This is the reason ALL Roulette systems fail – they can’t change the odds table which was published 200+ years ago and has NEVER changed; if you can’t change the odds table nor the payout table you can’t do any better than losing the HA over hundreds/thousands of spins; that’s the truth folks.  Look at it that way – the nuts who claim to have “broken” roulette claim they can warp the odds table to their will – so how come they can’t warp the payoff table to their will too?  Both are fixed and can’t be changed except in the demented minds of tormented gamblers; don’t get suckered into their insane world.

The reason the kooks who brag about “beating Roulette” can’t tell you how they beat Roulette is very simple – they can’t beat Roulette; it’s as simple as that folks.  These wackos hint at new kinds of undiscovered math and how Einstein was wrong with his prognostications of Roulette being unbeatable – these folks are insane; don’t get suckered into believing in their delusions.

I am constantly amazed at the truly screwy new systems that gamblers swear they use to make a fortune at Roulette – they are either pathological liars, totally insane, but probably a lot of both.  The folks who claim to “beat Roulette” are the same kind of folks who haunt your spam eMail folder – look at who these folks are and stay away from these losers….

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The House Advantage

The Roulette House Advantage (HA) is simply what the casino can expect, as income, from each Roulette table for every day of the year.  It’s a tax or fee for allowing you to play Roulette at their casino.  Here is how it’s calculated:

For American Roulette wheels, with the Green 0 and 00 the HA is 2/38 = 5.26315%

For European Roulette wheels, with just the Green 0, the HA is 1/37 = 2.7027%

(It’s actually more complicated than that, a combination of odds and payoff, but the casinos all use the same HA)

If you bet EC then you know that when the 0 or the 00 show up you lose your bet.  Same with other bets with the exception of “Straight up” bets that pick any of the 37 or 38 numbers on the wheel – you can bet on 0 or 00; however you still will pay the HA tax even on this bet.

Let’s say that $100,000 was bet at a specific Roulette table yesterday, the casino made at least $100,000 * 5.26% = $5,260 on an American wheel and $100,000 * 2.7% or $2,700 on a European wheel.

But, my research indicates that the casino made much much more than the HA – I’m guessing that the casino actually made 90% of the money bet or $90,000 at that one Roulette table yesterday.  Why 90% – that’s my observation that the 90% of Roulette gamblers lose – they play and play until they run out of money.  Only 1 out of 100 gamblers walks away with any kind of winnings.

The HA is based on posted odds and payoffs – which work based on millions of bets.  The individual gambler is limited to just a few bets to as many a can be made during a session, maybe a hundred.  That’s the reason gamblers lose so much at the Roulette table, 99% of them don’t spend enough time at the table and 90% of them will keep betting until they run out of money.  The house doesn’t work that way – it’s there to take advantage of ALL roulette players at all their tables every second of every day for decades.

There is NO way to escape the HA – none.  That’s why Roulette can’t be “beaten” over the long run.  Sure you can be lucky and win big but the typical gambler will just turn around and blow all those winnings at the same Roulette table and walk away with all their bankroll gone.

Some gamblers believe that by combining all kinds of different bets, like betting Red and the #19 that somehow the HA disappears and they can make a fortune at Roulette – this is a crazy idea that is not supported by the math at all.  Just remember that no matter how you combine various bets, like betting Red and then betting on 0 or 00 or a 0-00 split the HA is still the same – it does not get bigger or smaller.

For someone to “break” Roulette they must “break” random numbers – that is they must be able to predict the next number spun – no one in 200+ years of Roulette history has ever demonstrated this clairvoyant skill – not one single person in the world alive today or in the past 200 years.  There are no super secret government programs that can “break” randomness nor any humans that have this ability.

The next time you are at the Roulette Table ask the dealer if he has ever seen a person who consistently made money at Roulette – he will say no and that’s the reason (s)he gets paid a great salary and splits all the tips for the past 24 hours – folks get lucky, tip him big, and then lose all the money back in the next 10 minutes.

ALL games in a casino have a HA – even poker where a commission is charged to play other players at their facility.  NO games in the casino can beat the HA over the long run, even poker.

This is reality folks – that HA is the reason Roulette is unbeatable………….

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The Best You Can Do At Roulette

So what is the best you can do at Roulette over the long run?

First what the heck is “long run”?  1,000 spins should have you approaching the winning rate of Roulette which is about 95% of what you bet.  Actually it’s 36/37 = 97.3% for single 0 wheels (European) and 36/38 = 94.74% for 0-00 wheels (American).

Basically Roulette let’s you break even in the long run if you don’t do stupid things.  Sadly 95% of all the folks at the Roulette do very very stupid things and lose all their money.

1,000 spins at 1 spin every 2 minutes is 500 minutes, or 8 hours of play.  I play two 4-hour seasons per day so at the end of the day I should be close to break even.  Can you have a lucky streak and double your money?  Sure, and you can lose it all too.  But your goal should be to move a lot of money around and break even at the end of the day.

You live for comps.

What about all those systems for sale that claim you will become a billionaire if you just buy them?  You know the answer – they are all con games sold by sleazy con-men.  What about all those folks who claim to have “broken Roulette” and make a billion dollars every day at the casino?  You know the answer – they are tormented souls who have to lie to make themselves feel better – they are all fall-on-their-face failures at Roulette.

Nobody, in recorded history, has demonstrated the ability to “beat Roulette” in any independent test/contest – none, zip, zilch.  I am the first to offer someone $1,000 to document their ability to “break Roulette”.

If you hope to better than break even with Roulette then you have picked the wrong game to play in the casino.  If you simply want to get a lot of comps, worth thousands of dollars, free then Roulette is the game for you.

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ALL Roulette Chat Rooms Are Phonies – Except This One

I am banned from a lot of Roulette chat rooms – I ask the wrong kind of questions which they just can’t answer.  These questions are math based and I simply ask the folks who claim to “beat Roulette” to show me the statistics that allows them to make their wild claims – of course they can’t produce any kind of math or physics so they eventually get tired of me asking and ban me.

So ask all the questions you want here and on other websites – but don’t be surprised if you ask the folks who claim to make billions of dollars playing Roulette to prove it – you know they can’t.

I now take it as a badge of courage to be banned from them, you should too.

So here are some questions you need to ask the wizards of Roulette:

1) The built in house advantage for American Roulette wheels is 5.26% (2/38) and for European wheels it’s 2.7% (1/37) how do they beat this advantage that has lasted for 200+ years at every Roulette table in the world?  How do they get rid of the 0 and 00?

2) Since all bets have the house advantage, no matter how they combine them, how do they explain their success?  What mathematics do they use to accomplish this impossible task if they can’t physically remove 0 and 00?

3) What money management trick do they use to get rid of the house advantage?  Can they be specific?

4) Don’t accept any kind of “proof” in the form of scans of statements or computer screens – all can be spoofed with standard Photoshop tricks.

5) Would they put on a real time demo of their magical system?  It’s easy to do and a live spinning wheel broadcast from European casinos can be used.

If you start to ask these questions be prepared for all kinds of slurs and insults – then eventually banned.  The other Roulette websites are filled with true believers – they actually believe that Roulette can be “broken” and that they know how to do it – they are delusional, of course, but that’s what they really believe.  It’s like arguing religion with someone – logic means nothing, its all emotions.

Folks, there is NO way to beat Roulette, all you can do is do the best that mathematics tells us we can do – lose the house advantage of 5.26% or 2.7% of all monies bet.  Hopefully the comps you generate will be worth more than the amount lost to the house advantage.  If not, then the fun and thrill you have playing Roulette is what you eventually pay for with the house advantage.

You will quickly discover that ALL Roulette chat rooms are run by hucksters hustling Roulette systems and the folks there are part of the scam or just blithering morons and believe all the crap the other folks spout.  All except this website that gives you the truth – you can’t beat Roulette and that’s why it’s the oldest game in every casino in the world.

The best way to view all the other Roulette chat-rooms is to view them as populated with UFO fanatics – all of them believe in super intelligent beings traveling to Earth and then bumbling around stumbling around crashing and stealing humans.  The other Roulette websites are filled with folks who are mentally unstable since they all don’t believe in mathematics and physics that rule Earth – maybe on other planets populated with super intelligent beings bumbling and stumbling around their Roulette tables but not on Earth.

Let me know which websites you get banned from – this should be fun….

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June 2012 $1,000 Roulette Contest

June 2012 $1,000 Contest

(Because of Memorial Day in USA May, 2012 contest is held June 3, 2012)

Registration was open May 19, 2012 to May 26, 2012
Registration is now closed
No one took me up on my challenge for June 2012 – what a surprise!

I will pay you $1,000 USD, if you win my contest – here are the rules:

If you win at Roulette I will pay you $1,000 USD if you win this contest.  I will conduct a Webinar, that can handle up to 100 witnesses, and play exactly 100 bets of 100 spins of the wheel, within 4 hours of play, of your system on a live Roulette wheel. You win $1,000 USD if your starting bankroll is at least doubled after exactly 100 spins of the Roulette wheel and I will refund the entrance fee too.  The starting bankroll is 100 times the minimum bet of the casino’s live spinning wheel.

I will sign a non-disclosure agreement preventing me from revealing your system to anyone if you should desire.  You must teach your system to me and supply me with the tools needed to play your system at no cost to me; I keep the program, service, or equipment at the end of the contest, whether you win or not.

The Contest takes place at 12 Noon Central Time USA on Sunday June 3, 2012 – if something should prevent the Webinar from taking place in its entirety the contest will be rescheduled for the next Sunday at the same time.  I will host a Webinar and play your system in real time using a live Roulette wheel that will display at the Webinar and can be verified by visiting the live Roulette table in a web browser.  You will verify each bet to the members of the Webinar.

Entrance fee – $100 USD and is non-refundable.  This will cover 10 hours of my time to learn your system, practice with you, and play 4 hours in the Webinar with 1 hour followup.  Only one person can compete for this contest each month it is run – first come, first served.  

Enrollment opens on Saturday May 19, 2012 at 9 AM Central time USA.  I will open an enrollment form at the bottom of this post and the first person that signs up and pays the $100 USD entrance fee, via PayPal, will be the June 2012 contestant.  I will then spend up to 5 hours with you on the phone or live chatroom to learn and practice your system, the Webinar will not start until you are comfortable that I can operate your system.

The Webinar will allow up to 100 witnesses to follow the bets placed and winnings or losses that result.  100 bets must take place in the first 100 spins of the wheel, in practice mode at the casino, within a 4 hour window and at the conclusion of bet 100 you win if your ending bank roll is at least double the starting bank roll 200 or more minimum bets.  If I run out of money, or a spin of the wheel is not taken, you lose instantly and the contest is immediately closed.

At the conclusion of the contest your real name, the one on your PayPal account, will be placed on this website’s “Roulette Wall of Fame” ; win or lose and the video of the Webinar will be available to all visitors for an indefinite period of time with all rights reserved to this website; that is I can use any or all of the recorded Webinar for any purpose I choose without compensation, or approval, to the contestant.

Spread the word to all those folks who brag about making all kinds of money playing Roulette – this is their chance to prove it to the world and to be the first documented case, in 200+ years, of someone “beating Roulette” – this it their chance of a lifetime.

Just fill out the form below to start the registration process:

(Please check your spam folder for replies – you should get one instantly) 

All the terms and conditions of this contest are subject to change without notice at any time, even after registration for this contest.  All terms and conditions are subject to local and national laws governing commerce and gambling of the USA and your location; you must be old enough to gamble in the USA to enter, which is 21 years of age; proof of age will be asked for.  A USA IRS Form 1099 will be filed for any winner irregardless of their citizenship so proper tax ID is going to be asked for also.  Any disputes are to be resolved in small claims court in St. Louis County, Missouri, USA within 30 days of the date and time of the conclusion of the contest, and it’s decision is final.  No warranties or guarantees is implied or expressed and this website, and it’s employees and associates, are to be held harmless in any claim, charge, and/or resolution.  You agree to all these terms and conditions by becoming a contestant.

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Casino Comps

If the best you can do, in Roulette, is break even over a long period of time then why play Roulette?

Comps. (Complimentaries)

Comps are handed out like candy at every casino – you must sign up for the Rewards card and turn in the card to the pit boss in order to get comps.

When you sit down at the Roulette table you throw your money down along with your Reward card and the dealer will give you Roulette colored chips and the Pit Boss will enter you into the Reward computer system.  The Pit Boss has a route that he travels from table to table checking up on the dealer and gamblers.  He will check the Rewards card in his system against who is sitting at the table.

It is important that you ask for more chips than you plan to use.  If the minimum bet is $5 then don’t ask for just $20 worth of chips, ask for $100.  If you are on a losing streak don’t let your pile of chips shrink to nothing – keep the size of the stack large and keep track of your losses.  When the Pit Boss makes his rounds he will see you have  a nice stack of chips and ready to lose more to the casino.

When you leave the table cash in your colored chips for money chips but wait until the Pit Boss finishes at your table so you get more credit.

When you get your rewards statement, in the mail, it probably has coupons in the mailer – use them or lose them.  If you don’t use them the Reward computer assumes you aren’t interested in spending your points so you will get fewer freebies the next month.

Hotel rooms are normally offered first to you on off days like Sunday – Thursday.  If you want to ever stay over the weekend you must first stay in off days.  It takes a while to get better and better comps and the more you use them the more you will get.

Eventually you will get so many comps that you will get a 1099 form and if you do pay the taxes!

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Roulette Newbies Welcome

Welcome Roulette newbies – you have found the one website that will tell you the truth about Roulette!  There is NO BS here.

The truth about Roulette:

Roulette is a fun game to play and it makes a lot of money for the casinos – lots of money.  Over the long run you can not overcome the odds and will eventually lose all moneys put down at the Roulette table.  That’s what the odds say.

Does this mean you should not play Roulette and play Black Jack?  NO!  If you view Roulette as a form of entertainment and are willing to lose money and win some and the money you bring to the Roulette table is viewed like the money you pay for a football game then you have the right attitude.

There are NO professional Roulette players – none exist.  There are professional Texas Holdem Players because skill is involved since you play against other players.  In Roulette you don’t play against other players – you play against the odds which are posted and fixed.  The best you can hope for in Roulette is to take advantage of lucky streaks and don’t do stupid things when luck has left you.  

When you are at a Roulette table there is one winner who is always there – the dealer/house/casino.  I know that you will read that the house has an advantage of about 2% for a European wheel and about 5% for an American wheel but that’s not true.  95% of the folks who walk up to a Roulette table lose everything they put down.  Your job is to be in the 5% who don’t lose everything but hopefully break close to even and maybe even make some money that night.

You go gambling for the entertainment value and the slight chance you win a lot of money – you don’t go gambling to make a living or increase your retirement nest-egg or to pay the rent.

There are many websites out there that are full of insane folks who believe in insane gambling ideas and I can tell you they are just self medicating their mental problems with posting insane theories that can’t be backed up with any science or math.  If you find a website where folks believe they can easily beat Roulette you have found a bunch of insane folks with huge mental problems.

Many websites are fronts for con artists selling Roulette systems; the website poses as a friendly place to get together with other gamblers but many of the folks there are in on the con or are just useful idiots.  NO Roulette system for sale works – period.  If the con artists selling these bogus systems had something that actually beat Roulette they would make millions playing Roulette and not selling $29.99 systems to the public.

This website is different – it is for the person who loves Roulette and want’s to do the best that science tells them is possible.  My advice to all you newbies is to ignore everything you you read at other websites that are not 100% grounded in statistics as this website is.

Welcome aboard…….

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Roulette Marquee – Your Worst Nightmare

The Darth Vader of Roulette is the Marquee that EVERY casino attaches to EVERY Roulette table and the electronic Roulette games have too.

It’s big and overwhelming and it will kill your game and has done so for as long as you have been playing Roulette.

Why?  Because the random numbers spit out from the Roulette wheel or RNG mean NOTHING – zip, zilch, zero to predicting future numbers the wheel will spin.

Of the 300+ Roulette systems out there, 95% of them use past numbers in their algorithms to pick the next bet.  If old Roulette numbers are totally worthless then those 95% of the systems are totally worthless too.  To make things worse those systems will cost you huge losses when you use them.

The ONLY way you stand a chance in Roulette is to ignore the Marquee.

The Dolly, that cute little thing that the dealer places on the number just spun out, must be ignored too. Any Roulette system that uses the last number spun out is totally worthless and you will lose money following it.

The ONLY way you stand a chance playing Roulette is to play the odds and NOT the Marquee.


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Martingale – the Mother of all Negative Progressions

You all know this betting progression – you lose so you double your bet, and you lose again so you double again, and again and again.  So you are supposed to bet $5 then $10 then $20 then $40 then $80 then $160… until you finally win and clear $5.

The only thing a Martingale is good for is part of the reins of a horse – it prevents the horse’s head from flailing backwards into the rider.

Folks who use the Martingale believe in the Gambler’s Fallacy – that the gambling gods will force the Roulette wheel to change the odds so they eventually win.

I have had 14 – 16 losses in a row, every gambler eventually does, and the betting progression for just $1 would be:

$1 – $2 – $4 – $8 – $16 – $32 – $64 – $128 – $256 – $512 – $1,024 – $2,048 – $4,096 – a Table limit of $5,000 would stop you here with a $8,191 loss just to make $1.  Martingales might belong on a horse but not at Roulette tables.  About 10% of all Roulette systems incorporate a Martingale – no need to even read what they do – they are losers.

Anyone who uses the Martingale or any system that advocates it is totally insane – you want to run away from these folks and systems as fast as your little feet can move.

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MauiSunset’s Golden Rules

I gamble guided by my “Golden Rules” that I’ve created over time.  These Golden Rules start to influence me even as I plan our next casino visit and until we return home – that’s how important these rules are.

Most folks who wander up to the Roulette table have no idea what they are doing and lose all their money, with the rare exception when the gambling gods feel sorry for some poor schmuck.  You don’t want to be a loser at Roulette, you want to be a winner and that is 99% attitude with 1% luck thrown in there.

You probably have some rules that you try to follow in life but its been my experience that Golden Rules are considered to be “Long Term Planning” like planning for your retirement, and your eventual death – most folks just don’t want to face reality.  So let me be the first to scold you for not having long term health care insurance, a will, and funeral plans.  You really need to take care of those items first before you worry about gambling.

Take my Golden Rules and modify them and have your own set – its OK to plagiarize my Golden Rules.  Then start to plan your next gambling event, either a B&M casino or online casino, built around your Golden Rules.

For those of you who don’t want to do this that’s OK, I need 95% of the gamblers at a casino to lose money so the casino can serve me free drinks, food, and lodging.  I’ll be thanking you the next time I’m at the casino.

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