Roulette – 666 the Mark of Pascal

Roulette was created by Blaise Pascal, around 1655 as a perpetual motion machine project – somehow that seems fitting.  It has been played in its present form since 1796 when it was introduced in Paris. Roulette is the French word for “small wheel”.

If you add up the numbers 1 – 36 the total is 666 – somehow that seems fitting too.

In the 216+ year history of Roulette there has never been a documented case, one reproducible, of Roulette being “broken” – beaten. This is why casinos have Roulette tables and machines – it is a HUGE money maker for them. So if your goal is to break Roulette you can forget it; all you can expect to do is not get beaten up badly by Roulette and sometimes Pascal will smile down upon you.

Let me repeat that – Roulette is a money maker for the casinos and no human being has ever “broken” Roulette and there are no super-secret methods to consistently make money playing Roulette.  ALL the Roulette systems for sale are con jobs – you can spend all the money you want and you won’t find a steady, reliable, way of beating Roulette; if there were such a system the casinos would throw the Roulette tables in the Dumpster tonight – all of them.

Name one game that is beatable on a regular basis in ANY casino?  There are none.  EVERY game in the casino is designed to be fun to play and make a fortune for the casino.  You were expecting something else?

I can save you lots of money and aggravation by telling you the truth – Roulette is entertainment and with a little luck you can be profitable that day.  However, the longer you play Roulette the more the odds will catch up with you and you will be a net loser.  That’s the truth; Roulette is gambling and not investing.

So the idea is to have fun and try to lose as little money as possible while you guzzle down free drinks, stay at the casino’s hotel for free, eat free buffets, and spend any money won while gambling to enrich your adventure at the casino.

There is no better feeling than having a lucky day at the Roulette table and that night eat at expensive restaurants and watch world class entertainment – all on the casino’s money.  Of course when Lady Luck kicks you in the stomach you eat at Mickey Dees and watch a rerun movie on TV.

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