Roulette Marquee – Your Worst Nightmare

The Darth Vader of Roulette is the Marquee that EVERY casino attaches to EVERY Roulette table and the electronic Roulette games have too.

It’s big and overwhelming and it will kill your game and has done so for as long as you have been playing Roulette.

Why?  Because the random numbers spit out from the Roulette wheel or RNG mean NOTHING – zip, zilch, zero to predicting future numbers the wheel will spin.

Of the 300+ Roulette systems out there, 95% of them use past numbers in their algorithms to pick the next bet.  If old Roulette numbers are totally worthless then those 95% of the systems are totally worthless too.  To make things worse those systems will cost you huge losses when you use them.

The ONLY way you stand a chance in Roulette is to ignore the Marquee.

The Dolly, that cute little thing that the dealer places on the number just spun out, must be ignored too. Any Roulette system that uses the last number spun out is totally worthless and you will lose money following it.

The ONLY way you stand a chance playing Roulette is to play the odds and NOT the Marquee.


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