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Roulette TipsFirst, let’s spell Roulette correctly – not Roulete or Roullette or Rolette, just Roulette.

I play American Roulette at a nearby casino twice a month and have done so for a year now – I never leave with a loss. Theoretically, I should be losing 5.26% (2/38) of ALL monies bet to the casino; but I don’t and I can not explain it.

I have no super-secret magic system – I’ve posted my way of playing in other articles here.

I think I play Roulette differently than 99% of the gamblers out there and I’ll share my method here. I ONLY play EC bets and I like Red/Black the best because I can daydream and watch other folks at the table lose all their money and not have to do much mental exercises.

I use the Penultimate method of picking a color – the second to the last color at the top of the Marquee. I flat bet the minimum bet EVERY SPIN and as soon as I make $60, with a $5 minimum bet, I quit for that session  If 3 – 4 hours goes by I look at quitting immediately with a break-even or any profit I have. This is all driven by my Roulette Tables.

I am NOT doing “Hit and Run” gambling I follow my tables and keep my session limited to 100 spins (3 – 4 hours) a target profit of $60 and breaking even if about 2 hours goes by and I’m down. Most of the time I win $60 within 2 hours and call it a day.

I can honestly say I’ve not had a losing session in 2012 & 2013. Like I said I should be down 5.26% of ALL monies bet during the year but I’m up quite a bit; statistics is telling me to get ready for $180 losses several times in 2014.

I will see how long I can keep up a winning streak. The above numbers are for $5 minimum bets and most of the time I play $10 minimum bets and sometimes $25 minimum bets – the percentages all work out the same.

Other gamblers at the table play and play until they lose everything. The few times I see a winner walk away is because they have a profit and had to leave because of some reason. Many come back in a little while and lose all they walked away with.

I am assuming others can do what I do since I don’t consider myself a very lucky person, it’s been 20 years since I’ve ever won at anything but Roulette. I believe you will find Roulette a fun game to play and pay for all your expenses to the casino when you include your profits and comps.

Best of luck……MauiSunset

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