The Best You Can Do At Roulette

So what is the best you can do at Roulette over the long run?

First what the heck is “long run”?  1,000 spins should have you approaching the winning rate of Roulette which is about 95% of what you bet.  Actually it’s 36/37 = 97.3% for single 0 wheels (European) and 36/38 = 94.74% for 0-00 wheels (American).

Basically Roulette let’s you break even in the long run if you don’t do stupid things.  Sadly 95% of all the folks at the Roulette do very very stupid things and lose all their money.

1,000 spins at 1 spin every 2 minutes is 500 minutes, or 8 hours of play.  I play two 4-hour seasons per day so at the end of the day I should be close to break even.  Can you have a lucky streak and double your money?  Sure, and you can lose it all too.  But your goal should be to move a lot of money around and break even at the end of the day.

You live for comps.

What about all those systems for sale that claim you will become a billionaire if you just buy them?  You know the answer – they are all con games sold by sleazy con-men.  What about all those folks who claim to have “broken Roulette” and make a billion dollars every day at the casino?  You know the answer – they are tormented souls who have to lie to make themselves feel better – they are all fall-on-their-face failures at Roulette.

Nobody, in recorded history, has demonstrated the ability to “beat Roulette” in any independent test/contest – none, zip, zilch.  I am the first to offer someone $1,000 to document their ability to “break Roulette”.

If you hope to better than break even with Roulette then you have picked the wrong game to play in the casino.  If you simply want to get a lot of comps, worth thousands of dollars, free then Roulette is the game for you.

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