The House Advantage

The Roulette House Advantage (HA) is simply what the casino can expect, as income, from each Roulette table for every day of the year.  It’s a tax or fee for allowing you to play Roulette at their casino.  Here is how it’s calculated:

For American Roulette wheels, with the Green 0 and 00 the HA is 2/38 = 5.26315%

For European Roulette wheels, with just the Green 0, the HA is 1/37 = 2.7027%

(It’s actually more complicated than that, a combination of odds and payoff, but the casinos all use the same HA)

If you bet EC then you know that when the 0 or the 00 show up you lose your bet.  Same with other bets with the exception of “Straight up” bets that pick any of the 37 or 38 numbers on the wheel – you can bet on 0 or 00; however you still will pay the HA tax even on this bet.

Let’s say that $100,000 was bet at a specific Roulette table yesterday, the casino made at least $100,000 * 5.26% = $5,260 on an American wheel and $100,000 * 2.7% or $2,700 on a European wheel.

But, my research indicates that the casino made much much more than the HA – I’m guessing that the casino actually made 90% of the money bet or $90,000 at that one Roulette table yesterday.  Why 90% – that’s my observation that the 90% of Roulette gamblers lose – they play and play until they run out of money.  Only 1 out of 100 gamblers walks away with any kind of winnings.

The HA is based on posted odds and payoffs – which work based on millions of bets.  The individual gambler is limited to just a few bets to as many a can be made during a session, maybe a hundred.  That’s the reason gamblers lose so much at the Roulette table, 99% of them don’t spend enough time at the table and 90% of them will keep betting until they run out of money.  The house doesn’t work that way – it’s there to take advantage of ALL roulette players at all their tables every second of every day for decades.

There is NO way to escape the HA – none.  That’s why Roulette can’t be “beaten” over the long run.  Sure you can be lucky and win big but the typical gambler will just turn around and blow all those winnings at the same Roulette table and walk away with all their bankroll gone.

Some gamblers believe that by combining all kinds of different bets, like betting Red and the #19 that somehow the HA disappears and they can make a fortune at Roulette – this is a crazy idea that is not supported by the math at all.  Just remember that no matter how you combine various bets, like betting Red and then betting on 0 or 00 or a 0-00 split the HA is still the same – it does not get bigger or smaller.

For someone to “break” Roulette they must “break” random numbers – that is they must be able to predict the next number spun – no one in 200+ years of Roulette history has ever demonstrated this clairvoyant skill – not one single person in the world alive today or in the past 200 years.  There are no super secret government programs that can “break” randomness nor any humans that have this ability.

The next time you are at the Roulette Table ask the dealer if he has ever seen a person who consistently made money at Roulette – he will say no and that’s the reason (s)he gets paid a great salary and splits all the tips for the past 24 hours – folks get lucky, tip him big, and then lose all the money back in the next 10 minutes.

ALL games in a casino have a HA – even poker where a commission is charged to play other players at their facility.  NO games in the casino can beat the HA over the long run, even poker.

This is reality folks – that HA is the reason Roulette is unbeatable………….

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