Welcome To My Website

Welcome to my Website – my name is Maui Sunset and I welcome you to the most unique Roulette website in the internet.  I own this website and am responsible for everything here.

This is a FREE website and chatroom and I don’t sell anything.  No one is allowed to sell anything either. 90% of this website can be viewed without registering and becoming a member but if you want to ask a question or make a statement you must register; which is free. There will be various membership levels which cost nothing except you must bring something to this website in the form of participation and knowledge which has not been posted yet.

No one here is trying to sell you anything except for the idea that if you don’t want the casino to take your money you’ve got to do something besides throw down money.

This website will become an indispensable resource for Roulette players as time goes by; at least that’s my goal.  Best of luck in your gambling excursions because you will need it.

I hope you sign up and contribute – thanks.



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