Who is Maui Sunset?

Sunset at Ka'anapali Beach Maui

I’m a retired Aerospace Engineer living in St. Louis, MO.  I’m not really retired since I spend 12 – 14 hours a day designing, building, and marketing websites – this is a sample of my work.  I make my money by attracting readers and sell advertising space.  Trust me, no Roulette system seller is going to advertise here.

I like to gamble, I’ve gambled all my life on all kinds of things – self employment, stocks, rare coins, real estate, and other investments.

I am NOT a professional gambler, I don’t sell anything related to gambling, nor do I endorse any gambler, system, or casino.  I have NO ties to anything do to with gambling and I don’t make a penny from the gambling industry.  You won’t find me hawking gambling devices, systems, or programs.

I found myself visiting many Roulette websites and many were hawking products in a round about manner, these websites are infested with insane folks who dominate the forums with all kinds of insane ideas and never prove they know what they are talking about.  They use the forum as self medicating therapy at our expense.

I’m going to give you the truth about Roulette – it’s my experience and opinion and some will like this approach and some will not – that’s up to you.

So the big question – do I make money playing Roulette?

Let me answer this the way, I will challenge anyone boasting of their prowess at beating Roulette – if you boast about making money playing Roulette I will challenge you to prove it or I will take down your posts.  So in my case all I will say is that I enjoy playing Roulette and keep playing the game.

I am a problem solver – not a world class gambler.  My job here is to remove all the BS, smoke and mirrors, and hucksters from Roulette and supply you with tools and techniques that hopefully will make playing Roulette more pleasurable than what it is now – that’s my only promise here.  I will be ruthless, to the point of hostile, to keep the hucksters and stupid ideas out of this chatroom.

I hope you enjoy the ride…..

No BS at this website – none, zip, zilch – just math and logic.

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