Is a Roulette Wheel a RNG?

Is there a difference between a physical Roulette wheel and a RNG?  There is absolutely NO proof that a Roulette wheel is any different than a RNG in a computerized Roulette game.

Some gamblers believe there is a big difference and will not gamble on a computerized Roulette game – only tables with a dealer spinning a Roulette wheel.  Those same gamblers can’t cite ANY scientific study backing up their crazy ideas but that doesn’t stop them from bashing computerized Roulette games in a B&M casino or online.

This is like 40% of Americans believing that visitors from outer space have landed on Earth – no proof exists but that doesn’t stop them.

Come on, if no scientific prof exists documenting a difference then there is NO difference.  A Roulette wheel is a RNG and does just as good a job as the computerized versions of the game.

If you have a link to a scientific study on this topic please don’t be bashful – supply the link and I’ll investigate it.


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