June 2012 $1,000 Roulette Contest

June 2012 $1,000 Contest

(Because of Memorial Day in USA May, 2012 contest is held June 3, 2012)

Registration was open May 19, 2012 to May 26, 2012
Registration is now closed
No one took me up on my challenge for June 2012 – what a surprise!

I will pay you $1,000 USD, if you win my contest – here are the rules:

If you win at Roulette I will pay you $1,000 USD if you win this contest.  I will conduct a Webinar, that can handle up to 100 witnesses, and play exactly 100 bets of 100 spins of the wheel, within 4 hours of play, of your system on a live Roulette wheel. You win $1,000 USD if your starting bankroll is at least doubled after exactly 100 spins of the Roulette wheel and I will refund the entrance fee too.  The starting bankroll is 100 times the minimum bet of the casino’s live spinning wheel.

I will sign a non-disclosure agreement preventing me from revealing your system to anyone if you should desire.  You must teach your system to me and supply me with the tools needed to play your system at no cost to me; I keep the program, service, or equipment at the end of the contest, whether you win or not.

The Contest takes place at 12 Noon Central Time USA on Sunday June 3, 2012 – if something should prevent the Webinar from taking place in its entirety the contest will be rescheduled for the next Sunday at the same time.  I will host a Webinar and play your system in real time using a live Roulette wheel that will display at the Webinar and can be verified by visiting the live Roulette table in a web browser.  You will verify each bet to the members of the Webinar.

Entrance fee – $100 USD and is non-refundable.  This will cover 10 hours of my time to learn your system, practice with you, and play 4 hours in the Webinar with 1 hour followup.  Only one person can compete for this contest each month it is run – first come, first served.  

Enrollment opens on Saturday May 19, 2012 at 9 AM Central time USA.  I will open an enrollment form at the bottom of this post and the first person that signs up and pays the $100 USD entrance fee, via PayPal, will be the June 2012 contestant.  I will then spend up to 5 hours with you on the phone or live chatroom to learn and practice your system, the Webinar will not start until you are comfortable that I can operate your system.

The Webinar will allow up to 100 witnesses to follow the bets placed and winnings or losses that result.  100 bets must take place in the first 100 spins of the wheel, in practice mode at the casino, within a 4 hour window and at the conclusion of bet 100 you win if your ending bank roll is at least double the starting bank roll 200 or more minimum bets.  If I run out of money, or a spin of the wheel is not taken, you lose instantly and the contest is immediately closed.

At the conclusion of the contest your real name, the one on your PayPal account, will be placed on this website’s “Roulette Wall of Fame” ; win or lose and the video of the Webinar will be available to all visitors for an indefinite period of time with all rights reserved to this website; that is I can use any or all of the recorded Webinar for any purpose I choose without compensation, or approval, to the contestant.

Spread the word to all those folks who brag about making all kinds of money playing Roulette – this is their chance to prove it to the world and to be the first documented case, in 200+ years, of someone “beating Roulette” – this it their chance of a lifetime.

Just fill out the form below to start the registration process:

(Please check your spam folder for replies – you should get one instantly) 

All the terms and conditions of this contest are subject to change without notice at any time, even after registration for this contest.  All terms and conditions are subject to local and national laws governing commerce and gambling of the USA and your location; you must be old enough to gamble in the USA to enter, which is 21 years of age; proof of age will be asked for.  A USA IRS Form 1099 will be filed for any winner irregardless of their citizenship so proper tax ID is going to be asked for also.  Any disputes are to be resolved in small claims court in St. Louis County, Missouri, USA within 30 days of the date and time of the conclusion of the contest, and it’s decision is final.  No warranties or guarantees is implied or expressed and this website, and it’s employees and associates, are to be held harmless in any claim, charge, and/or resolution.  You agree to all these terms and conditions by becoming a contestant.

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