MauiSunset’s Golden Rules

I gamble guided by my “Golden Rules” that I’ve created over time.  These Golden Rules start to influence me even as I plan our next casino visit and until we return home – that’s how important these rules are.

Most folks who wander up to the Roulette table have no idea what they are doing and lose all their money, with the rare exception when the gambling gods feel sorry for some poor schmuck.  You don’t want to be a loser at Roulette, you want to be a winner and that is 99% attitude with 1% luck thrown in there.

You probably have some rules that you try to follow in life but its been my experience that Golden Rules are considered to be “Long Term Planning” like planning for your retirement, and your eventual death – most folks just don’t want to face reality.  So let me be the first to scold you for not having long term health care insurance, a will, and funeral plans.  You really need to take care of those items first before you worry about gambling.

Take my Golden Rules and modify them and have your own set – its OK to plagiarize my Golden Rules.  Then start to plan your next gambling event, either a B&M casino or online casino, built around your Golden Rules.

For those of you who don’t want to do this that’s OK, I need 95% of the gamblers at a casino to lose money so the casino can serve me free drinks, food, and lodging.  I’ll be thanking you the next time I’m at the casino.

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