Roulette Newbies Welcome

Welcome Roulette newbies – you have found the one website that will tell you the truth about Roulette!  There is NO BS here.

The truth about Roulette:

Roulette is a fun game to play and it makes a lot of money for the casinos – lots of money.  Over the long run you can not overcome the odds and will eventually lose all moneys put down at the Roulette table.  That’s what the odds say.

Does this mean you should not play Roulette and play Black Jack?  NO!  If you view Roulette as a form of entertainment and are willing to lose money and win some and the money you bring to the Roulette table is viewed like the money you pay for a football game then you have the right attitude.

There are NO professional Roulette players – none exist.  There are professional Texas Holdem Players because skill is involved since you play against other players.  In Roulette you don’t play against other players – you play against the odds which are posted and fixed.  The best you can hope for in Roulette is to take advantage of lucky streaks and don’t do stupid things when luck has left you.  

When you are at a Roulette table there is one winner who is always there – the dealer/house/casino.  I know that you will read that the house has an advantage of about 2% for a European wheel and about 5% for an American wheel but that’s not true.  95% of the folks who walk up to a Roulette table lose everything they put down.  Your job is to be in the 5% who don’t lose everything but hopefully break close to even and maybe even make some money that night.

You go gambling for the entertainment value and the slight chance you win a lot of money – you don’t go gambling to make a living or increase your retirement nest-egg or to pay the rent.

There are many websites out there that are full of insane folks who believe in insane gambling ideas and I can tell you they are just self medicating their mental problems with posting insane theories that can’t be backed up with any science or math.  If you find a website where folks believe they can easily beat Roulette you have found a bunch of insane folks with huge mental problems.

Many websites are fronts for con artists selling Roulette systems; the website poses as a friendly place to get together with other gamblers but many of the folks there are in on the con or are just useful idiots.  NO Roulette system for sale works – period.  If the con artists selling these bogus systems had something that actually beat Roulette they would make millions playing Roulette and not selling $29.99 systems to the public.

This website is different – it is for the person who loves Roulette and want’s to do the best that science tells them is possible.  My advice to all you newbies is to ignore everything you you read at other websites that are not 100% grounded in statistics as this website is.

Welcome aboard…….

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