Golden Rule #2 – Chips are tools too

I use my chips to help me with my betting systems; most gamblers seem to use their chips to constantly shuffle them in their hand making an annoying noise.

I have 3 groups of chips:

  1. My betting stack which is 100 or less chips
  2. The profit stack
  3. The chips that help me keep track of what’s happening

100 chip stack area

When I first sit down and get my initial stack of 100 chips they go into this area.  That’s 5 stacks of 20 chips and the stack can be less but never more than 100 chips.  All bets come from this area.

Profit stack area

Every time I win a spin and there are more than 100 chips in the 100-chip area the excess chips, my profits, go into the profit stack area.  Once chips enter this area they never leave – these chips go towards the next vacation to the casino or a 6-star restaurant or world class entertainment that night – thanks to the casino.

System work area

These chips come from the profit stack area and are used to keep track of what system is doing what.  Any chips in this area, at the end of the session, go back to the profit stack area.  I usually have 2 or 3 systems running at the same time and with that and the long time between spins I need help keep track of what’s going on.

Warning: don’t ever use paper and pencil at the Roulette table – the folks who do are tin-foil hat type of people; totally insane wackos.

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