Golden Rule #3 – Play Conservatively

What does it mean to play conservatively? Well to me it means that I risk my money on the lowest risk bets and risk the casino’s money on the highest risk bets; I guess you probably have your own definition, but that’s mine.

Has anyone ever told you that?  Well why not?

Just this simple fact eliminates 50% to 75% of all the Roulette systems out there – they are risking your money when they should be risking the casino’s.  Here’s an example:

You bet the table minimum on Red and Black shows up – you lost $5 let’s say.  You decide to use the Martingale money management technique to make up for the loss and make $5 for you.  You now bet $10 on Red again – Black shows up.  You then must bet $20 and pick Black – Green 00 shows up.  You then must bet $40 and pick Red – Black shows up.  You are now down $75 and you were trying to make $5 – this is not smart, it’s dumb.  This is Negative Progression – risking more and more of your money to make peanuts.

Why do gamblers use Negative Progression?  Because they believe in the Gambler’s Fallacy – they believe that if they lose a spin then the odds favor them in the next spin.  As you hopefully now know the odds for Roulette are posted and NEVER change under any circumstances.

Some folks argue that using a Positive Progression is Gambler’s Fallacy too – that a trend has started and you are assuming the odds favor you now.  That makes no sense since all we are doing in a Positive Progression is taking the pit bosses money and throwing it on top of our normal bet; we are not assuming anything.

You will not believe the number of gamblers, systems, and chat rooms who do this most stupid thing. Any website or system or gambler that believes in Negative Progression, risking more and more of your money to make a few bucks, is a loser – and they probably have an attitude that they know what they are doing and are successful Roulette players – they are fall on their face losers.

You bet table minimums with your money and the sky is the limit using the casino’s money (working profits)  This is called Positive Progression – if there is a secret to winning Roulette it’s Positive Progression – you use profits, the casino’s money, to place risky bets.  I don’t mean adding profits to the same bet and system but playing a simultaneously more risky system that has much higher rewards.

Like I said, by only playing conservatively, you eliminate 50% to 75% of all Roulette systems out there – no need to even look at them since they are built on faulty logic – Gamblers Fallacy.

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